Report: Republicans Being Banned From Polling Sites!

Philadelphia GOP Chairman Joseph Defelice has accused Democrats of banning poll watching and minority inspectors from entering poll sites.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Defelice said “They’re just not letting them inside. They’re either poll watchers or minority inspectors. Minority inspectors are court appointed whereas poll watchers are mandated through the city to be inside that polling place. They’re saying, ‘We don’t want you here. We don’t have Republicans in here. We’re full already. I don’t know what that piece of paper is.’ This happened in 2012. We made a big issue out of this.”

The Republican claims Democrats are “disenfranchising them” and Republicans in Philadelphia are “leaving and they’re scared to come back and vote.” In addition, Defelice reported that people in Philadelphia are “going into the booth with people multiple times without filling out assistance forms multiple times.”

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Source: Report: Republicans Being Banned From Polling Sites!


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