List of Quotes by Great “Political Thinkers” Who Said Trump Would Never Win the Presidency – TruthFeed

Our media is so stupid.

 They’re nothing more than a North Korea-style, government-run propaganda machine that is designed to spew out liberal globalist rhetoric to a bunch of low-info drooling viewers.

Our mainstream media is no longer about reporting “news” or “facts.”

 Now it’s about pushing the political ideology you believe in, to the point of absurdity.

These clowns spent MONTHS telling us how Trump couldn’t win while propping up a mean, old white lady who should be in JAIL for the crimes she’s committed.

Yes, that’s how STUPID our media is.

Here are some quotes from genius pundits and “great political thinkers” who said Trump could never win the White House.

Absolutely not.

TIM MILLER: (8/18/16) Trump is gonna get killed in the general election.

ALEX CONANT: (8/18/16) Trump is gonna suffer an embarrassing loss this fall.

RACHEL MADDOW: (7/29/16) Unless this election happens on Mars, Donald Trump will lose.

KARL ROVE: (11/2015) Republicans are not going to win this next election.

MARK CUBAN: (8/1/16) It’s a landslide for Hillary. No question.

EVAN MCMULLIN: (8/14/16) Donald Trump will lose.

JEB BUSH: (12/15/15) You’re not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency.

RYAN LIZZA: (8/17/16) Trump is on his way to lose in the biggest loss since 1984.

JORGE RAMOS: (9/1/16) His strategy is to win the White House without Latinos. I don’t think he can do it.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: (8/16/16) Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party’s chance.

TED CRUZ: (2/28/16) If we nominate Donald, Hillary beats him.

DAVID AXELROD: (10/23/16) I don’t know any consultant who privately believes that Donald Trump’s going to win.

DANA PERINO: (8/18/16) Trump would very much be able to get 35-40% of the vote and not win.

MIKE MURPHY: (8/8/16) He’s a demagogue and a neo-racist and I hope he loses. He deserves to lose.

DIANE MACEDO: (8/15/16) A landslide defeat is very possible.

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: (8/15/16) Could be headed for a landslide defeat.

BILL KRISTOL: (9/23/16) Donald Trump will just choke.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: (05/ 2016) I don’t see how he can win.

BARACK OBAMA: (2/16/16) I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be President.

Every one of the people listed above are clueless, out of touch shills, who had an ulterior motive then and now. 

Source: List of Quotes by Great “Political Thinkers” Who Said Trump Would Never Win the Presidency – TruthFeed


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