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A talented President Trump Supporter @vivelafra has created a collection of 3 heartbreaking memes that tell the stories of early deaths caused by Radical Islam.Each of these is a difficult reminder of the enemy we face.MargaretMariaNoorPlease share these stories so more people kn

Source: VIRAL : 3 Beautiful Lives Tragically Ended Early By Radical Islam – TruthFeed


How ISIS Smuggles Terrorists Among Syrian Refugees

This is the problem with President Obama’s proposal to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. It creates an opportunity for ISIS to do to the US what it has done in Europe.

But instead of addressing these legitimate concerns, President Obama is busy demagoguing those who disagree with his plans. On his recent trip to Germany, Obama blamed opposition to his plan on xenophobia, declaring:

These are unsettling times. And when the future is uncertain, there seems to be an instinct in our human nature to withdraw to the perceived comfort and security of our own tribe, our own sect, our nationality. People who look like us, sound like us. In today’s world, more than any time in human history, that is a false comfort.

The president is wrong. What Americans fear are not people who don’t look like us, but people who want to kill us. Given the way ISIS used refugee flows to attacks Paris, that is a valid concern.

In the case of the Paris attacks, only four of the 198 refugees who arrived on the Greek island of Leros that day were terrorists. That is just 2 percent. But that 2 percent were able to carry out an attack that killed at least 130 people.

Source: How ISIS Smuggles Terrorists Among Syrian Refugees